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Welcome! ... to WoTMUD, a free 'Net game, lovingly crafted by fanatical gamers for 15 years. You'll never pay for anything playing here, and furthermore, the Wheel of Time MUD is authorised by Robert Jordan, the author of the amazing Wheel of Time series that we're based on!

... it's very easy to play. If you're new to all this, use the Starter Interface, but we'd suggest that you also have a read of the very brief 1 page playguide. If you have more time there is also a game tutorial (long). Experienced MUDders - point telnet/zmud to wotmud.org:2222 ( =)

Why play the Wheel of Time MUD?

The Wheel of Time MUD is a classic old MUD (Multi User Dungeon): a multiplayer game which has been enjoyed for free by web users since 1993. It has since become the most popular online game set in the Wheel of Time world, with a unique mixture of MUDders and Wheel of Time fans!

Our aim: just a fun online game =). A sophisticated but personalised game environment in which folk can come and play whenever they want to play. Our free online MUD game involves strategy, teamwork, puzzle-solving, timing and knowledge gathering; but what you choose to do is up to you, nothing is mandatory, and we have as few rules as is reasonably possible.

We steer the game towards an 'anti-clique' middle course in order to create a quality MUD with specific features which appeal to as many types of folk as possible, from roleplayers to explorers, from socialisers to pkillers, from addicts to casuals, and from Wotmaniacs to the best veteran mudders around.

Key questions:
The Wheel of Time MUD delivers:
What makes us different?
The atmosphere. There's non-stop drama and action in the player-led racewar, which captures the dramatic struggle of the books between the Light, the Dark and the Crystal Throne, with frequent battles in the Gap, in Falme, and daily raids across the lightside heartlands. A fast, unpredictable game with events in motion 24/7, 365/365.
Is there much to explore?
It's huge. The 350+ zone game geography stretches across and allows you to visit all of Randland, from Seandar in the west to the Waste in the east, and the Blight in the north down to the Isle of Madmen far, far south. Wander around in any of the towns from the books such as Caemlyn, Tar Valon or Tear, or start your adventures in the Two Rivers area.
Is there a good community?
It's great. Our large, buzzing, chatty & sociable online environment always has people on. The game has very active forums and there are dozens of wotmud-related websites. There's rarely an evening when there are less than 100 players online , and wotmud mudmeets happen all over the globe. With this size of community, good company or help is always nearby and on hand.
Is it true to the books?
Amazingly so. Our ingame world only uses references and material from the books, and all our zones are rigorously checked for quality and accuracy. We take our Wheel of Time accuracy very seriously. Come across a Fade and you'd be terrified. Our Aes Sedai are arrogant and snooty, Raken fly with our Seanchan scouts, and our gory, bloodthirsty Trollocs will hunt and feast on your blood. You'll find Ter'angreal here and the Fox Head Medallion which protects the bearer from the One Power. Aes Sedai wear the great serpent ring, and the deadliest warriors wield Heron mark blades.
Is this a roleplaying game?
Yes, but we keep it... fun! Our clans have 100s of quests and roleplay challenges for all level of roleplayers from complete novices to seasoned veterans, all helped by roleplay Watchers dedicated to just this very task. Rise through the clan ranks by completing quests and slaying the enemy, and become Master of your clan, leading it to further fame and glory!
It looks a bit geeky...
If you can play MMORPGs you can play MUDs. The difference is this: MMORPGs are like McDonalds but MUDs are like a Thai restaurant. MUDs are an acquired taste, but have a closer community and the roleplay is deeper. And, without graphical rendering, PvP is faster. Your call, Burgers or Thai =).
Anything else?
Absolutely. For starters, a huge list of features, everything unique, that you won't find anywhere else, the product of 15 years of continuous development of our custom codebase. Over the years we've worked hard to keep improving the mud based on player feedback, it's a real privilege that players vote with their feet and consider us the best free MUD online!
So... how do I start?
As easy as 1,2,3! Just follow the 1,2,3 on the top left - have a quick peek at the rules, and if you've never mudded before, the 1 page playguide. Then just use any of the "play using..." links on the top left to connect directly to the MUD... and jump in! This is a free MUD, there is no need to download any software, to be validated or even register to start playing.

The Wheel of TimeOur pledge: The Wheel of Time MUD will forever remain a free MUD - nobody can buy an advantage here and you'll never need to pay to keep up with other players. It is part of the culture of the web, created because we felt like it, and because we can.

Nass, 2008


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The Wheel of Time MUD is, in the words of the online reviews: "A very polished product" (MUD connector), "A Must See" (Wheel of Time.org), "The Internet at its Best" (free launch.com).


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