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It's official! Brandon Sanderson has been chosen by Robert Jordan's widow Harriet to finish the Wheel of Time series. Who is this man? Find out for yourself by visiting the Brandon Sanderson website on which he engages in discussions with readers of his books and keeps a blog!

Some beautiful Wheel of Time art is being done by all sorts of people across the web, largely in their own spare time to show off their amazing drawing or rendering skills. Of course, the books themselves also contain art, especially the cover pages and those chapter icons that everybody wonders about.

Those Wheel of Time covers...

They're pretty controversial - some think they're outstanding, others think they're horrid. They were done by Darrell K. Sweet and there is a nice gallery of his wheel of time artwork here. The covers themselves can be seen here, courtesy of the SF & F book club.

More Wheel of Time covers...

The covers created for To the Blight and From the Two Rivers, published by Tor/Starscape in early 2002, can be bought directly from Charles Keegan's gallery here.

Wheel of Time Art by Sarah Ellerton

Wheel of Time fan art composed by Sarah Ellerton. She is a very talented artist and admits to animé influences. The Wheel of Time artwork can be found in the "gallery" section under "fan art".

Wotism.net wheel of time art

Wotism.net maintains a large collection of wheel of time art, some book based, some not so much so. Visit it here.

Wheel of Time Art

Dragonmount's Wheel of Time Art Gallery, one of the largest around. 125 albums and growing!

Wheel of Time Art

Silklantern also have a very respectable Wheel of Time Art Gallery, organised according to themes such as the light, the darkness, events & places. Definitely worth a look.

Wheel of Time Landscapes

Wheel of Time landscapes by Dawnrider Gaidin, based on the Wheel of Time series.

Site no longer online

Rob Christianson

Probably the best of the Wheel of Time artists out there and widely used across the web to illustrate the Wheel of Time, Rob Christianson made a lot of 3D renders in the late 1990s. Sadly, all that now remains of his site is now this archive, however, his collection of wheel of time art can still be found at various places on the web, for example at the excellent "Elfwood Gallery" here.

The seals are breakingKinslayer's DaggerThe slopes of Dragonmount

Joseph B. Trimarchi

A prolific Wheel of Time artist, most people interested in Wheel of Time art online will have come across and admired his 3D renders somewhere along the way. a nice guy too, he's happy for people to use his art as long as they send him an email. As of end 2006, Joe tells us his main site has now moved to here.


Excellent Wheel of Time art by oRen - pointed out by Sidras, one of our players. In emails with oRen it emerges that he doesn't have a wheel of time art themed site specifically, which is a great shame. To see what we're all so impressed with, check out his Mat Cauthon and his Perrin aybara. See his full gallery here - Tor, you need to get this guy working on your last cover =).

Katherine Catlin

Katherine Catlin's gellery of wheel of time art at Elfwood. Excellent work, she's trying to go pro with art and she's available to do commissions or art trades.

Wheel of Time Lithographs

Mike Miller has the license to distribute wheel of time art in the form of lithographs, and you can see them here. "I am very much looking forward to working on this project with Mike Miller, a truly spectacular artist.", Jordan proclaimed. Jordan and Miller have worked together before on the comic adaptation of 'New Spring' for Red Eagle Entertainment and Dabel Brothers Production.

Linda Daireaux

Outstanding 3D Wheel of Time art renders by Linda Daireaux, including landscapes from the books and character portraits. Sadly, it hasn't been updated since 2004, but it is a very tidy, elegant small site.

Sarah Ellerton

Wheel of Time portraits in the anime/manga style, find them at her site.

Bill's Wheel of Time Gallery

One of the older Wheel of Time art websites on the net, Bill's Wheel of Time Gallery has subsections through to some of the earlier wheel of time artists online, such as Bryan Ecker, James Beveridge and Jonathan Wright. There are also links to other wheel of time art sites but most of those do not exist anymore.

Neil Billings

Neil specialised in comic-book type drawings of the Wheel of Time chracters which are to a certain extent almost caricatures; catch them at his Wheel of Time site.

WOT art dungeon

Nice Wheel of Time art site with rendered 3D Wheel of Time artwork by Chris Engblom.

Wheel of Time Flags

Wheel of Time flags scanned from "The World of Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time.

Wheel of Time Collectible Card Game

Artwork from the Wheel of Time Collectible Card Game can be found here, including artists.

Free Wheel of Time Game

Wheel of Time GameWe hope that the Wheel of Time Directory has been useful to you =). If you're a fan of the Wheel of Time books, have you thought about trying out our Wheel of Time game? More than 2.7 million characters have been created and it runs with the late Robert Jordan's personal permission. The fun and community there make it one of the "must-see" Wheel of Time websites on the net. Thank you for listening :)

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