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It's official! Brandon Sanderson has been chosen by Robert Jordan's widow Harriet to finish the Wheel of Time series. Who is this man? Find out for yourself by visiting the Brandon Sanderson website on which he engages in discussions with readers of his books and keeps a blog!

Various free Wheel of Time downloads are around on the web, created by enthusiasts all over the world.

Wheel of Time audio books

All the books in the wheel of time, including knife of dreams, can be downloaded as audio books at this site. (Downloads various sizes, large).

Wheel of Time Opera Buttonset

Downloadable set of Wheel of Time Opera buttons, to customise the look of your opera browser. Install instructions included. (Download 20k).

Wheel of Time Desktop theme

Downloadable Wheel of Time theme theme for windows, including icons, desktop and cursors. (Download 3.2 Mb).

Wheel of Time buddy icons

Full set of Wheel of Time buddy icons made by Abby, for use on AIM and AOL Instant Messenger. (Downloads various sizes, but small).

Wheel of Time mod for Rome: Total War

Suggested by Ragnar, one of our players - a Wheel of Time modification for Rome: Total War. Still in the process of being constructed but the screenshots look cool as hell. If you're an photoshop artist or 3D modeller, I'm sure that they'd appreciate your help :).

Wheel of Time smileys

20 Wheel of Time themed smileys made by Myranya, for use on forums and message boards etc. (Downloads various sizes, but small).

Wheel of Time refresher

a refresher of the major plotlines and characters from the Wheel of Time series, put together by dragonmount. (Download 2.16 Mb).

Wheel of Time desktop images

Some very nice 3D Wheel of Time desktops by Linda Daireaux for the Wheel of Time enthusiast.. (Downloads approx 150-300 kb)

Weapons and Military Costuming

Downloadable Wheel of Time Setting Info from the good folks over at the encyclopedia-wot. (downloads various sizes).

Site no longer onlineWeapons and Military Costuming

Paul Postuma's "Compendium of Weaponry and Military Costuming of the Wheel of Time" - download the windows helpfile containing the original information! If you're a windows user, download it here and the entire site will be on your local computer. (download 1 MB).

Old Tongue

PDF containing old tongue translations and symbology, compiled by Dragonmount with the aid of Robert Jordan himself! (Download 50 kb)

Wheel of Time Game Utilities

Various utilities to help with Legend's Wheel of Time game. (Downloads various sizes).

Wheel of Time Game Downloads

Various downloads to help with Legend's Wheel of Time game. Demoes, Patches, maps and utilities. (Downloads various sizes).

Wheel of Time d20 rules

Large acrobat version of d20 game rules - 154 pages. (Download 1.23 Mb).

NWN Wheel of Time cutscene

Neverwinter Nights cutscene that recounts how Lews Therin Telamon, in Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time series, broke the world. It covers the short opening chapter of The Eye of the World, which is titled "Dragonmount" in the actual book. (Download 130 kb)

Wheel of Time game

Legend's First Person Shooter Wheel of time Game download location (Download 73 MB)

"The Inquisition" bonus map

Downloadable bonus map for the Legend's First Person Shooter Wheel of time Game. (Download 1 MB)

Wheel of Time levels

Downloadable extra levels for Legend's First Person Shooter Wheel of time Game (Downloads, various sizes)

Wheel of Time characters for "The Sims"

Downloadable Wheel of Time characters for "the sims" game. First set here, second herehere, second here.(Downloads 5 & 9 MB)

Wheel of Time screensaver

Downloadable screensaver showing the cover art from the Wheel of Time series. (Download 560 KB)

Wheel of Time Linux theme

Downloadable tarred wheel of time linux desktop theme. (Download 34 KB)

Wheel of Time Stronghold Heaven

Downloadable Tarwin's Gap Mission for Stronghold Heaven Game. (Download 452 KB)

Free Wheel of Time Game

Wheel of Time GameWe hope that the Wheel of Time Directory has been useful to you =). If you're a fan of the Wheel of Time books, have you thought about trying out our Wheel of Time game? More than 2.7 million characters have been created and it runs with the late Robert Jordan's personal permission. The fun and community there make it one of the "must-see" Wheel of Time websites on the net. Thank you for listening :)

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