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It's official! Brandon Sanderson has been chosen by Robert Jordan's widow Harriet to finish the Wheel of Time series. Who is this man? Find out for yourself by visiting the Brandon Sanderson website on which he engages in discussions with readers of his books and keeps a blog!

The "Old Tongue" is unique to the Wheel of Time books, and covers a multitude of words and phrases. It's the language of such sayings as: Tia mi aven Moridin isainde vadin (The grave is no bar to my call.) Various people have managed to work out how it all works:

Wheel of Time Old Tongue

The Compleat old Tongue is a site which has been around for years and is the defining web document about the old tongue.

Old Tongue Words

A collection of Old Tongue words and their translations as theorised by the site author. It is very good for those aspiring Brown Ajahs or those who just want to know some Old Tongue phrases.

Old Tongue dictionary

Christopher Wright's old tongue dictionary. Includes an analysis of the old tongue orthography, and also old tongue syntax, old tongue verb morphology, old tongue noun morphology, old tongue adjectives, etc. Pretty detailed stuff.

Old Tongue - wikipedia

The Wikipedia article on the old tongue is a good summary to understand what it's all about.

Old Tongue vs. Modern Language

Qirien's pages about the similarities of the old tongue to modern languages. Comparisons to English, Spanish, French, Chinese and much more.

Old Tongue dictionaries

Old Tongue trivia quiz

This is a quiz for the complete wot addict, and will leave the other 99% of us looking rather dippy. The quiz is here, put together by Mashiara_Sedai.

Old Tongue

PDF containing old tongue translations and symbology, compiled by Dragonmount with the aid of Robert Jordan himself! (Download 50 kb)

Free Wheel of Time Game

Wheel of Time GameWe hope that the Wheel of Time Directory has been useful to you =). If you're a fan of the Wheel of Time books, have you thought about trying out our Wheel of Time game? More than 2.7 million characters have been created and it runs with the late Robert Jordan's personal permission. The fun and community there make it one of the "must-see" Wheel of Time websites on the net. Thank you for listening :)

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