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PostPosted: February 4th, 2007, 5:24 pm 
As a mighty trolloc of the Ghar'ghael horde there are few more satisfying feelings then watching those of the sneaking and dodging variety die. Today in a well exectued play by the trollocs I lead both Petra and Aldazar fell. In the glittering loot taken from the fallen body of Petra was a rare item, a shocklance from the age of legends. Thanks to the fighting of Grimer, Ostran, Crowly, and Zorun this rare treasure could be recovered. The Dark Lord presented me an oppotunity to receive great honour from this, and I took it gladly.

You nod in agreement.

o S HP:Scratched MV:Winded > The Sloping Tunnel
The dark obsidian walls glow with a frail light here. The ceiling is covered
in long, sharp daggers of stone, each arcing down from the roof to gouge
and scrape as you try to move through them. The fangs of the Great Lord
leave no option but to grovel on your belly like a worm as you wriggle the
last paces towards the glowing tunnel's end.
[ obvious exits: N S ]
A bracelet of thick steel collects dust here.
A set of thin metal leggings is here.
A pair of thin but sturdy metal boots stands here.
A hide pack, fashioned to hang from a belt, collects dust here.
A beautifully crafted ring made in the image of a snake biting its own tail lies here.
A gold ring flashes brightly on the ground.
Silver snowflakes of Kandori design are linked into a delicate, glistening chain. [2]
A soft, scarlet cloak of fine velvet lies here.
A small, delicate loop of ivy lies softy upon the ground. [2]
A brightly-colored sash lies here, in a heap.
A sturdy pair of boots with metal caps covering the toes rest here.
A sharp blade made of green jade gleams here.
A light pair of leather coverings lies upon the ground.
A pair of black pants lies here.
A bright blue pouch filled with crumbled leaves rests here.
A bag lies open, with brown kaf beans inside.
A draught of a strange bubbling liquid has been left here.
A clear dagger resembling an enormous curved fang catches your eye.
A dark blue robe lies on the floor.
A black shield lies here, consuming any light that touches it.
A thick bronze belt lies to one side.
A black pair of soft, silver-tooled boots lie on the ground. [2]
A pair of riveted chainmail coverings lay stretched on the ground.
A small piece of fabric blends in with the ground here.
A fashionable pair of gray suede leggings is being trampled underfoot.
A tunic made of bearskin has been dropped here.
A pair of sturdy metal half-gauntlets has been set here.
A dark cloak with a hood has been left here.
A long, heavy sword lies on the ground here.
A metal helmet with attached visor rests here.
A polished metal breastplate lies here.
A set of chainmail sleeves lie upon the ground.
A pair of steel-backed gauntlets are collecting dust on the ground.
Murnych the Bullet Dodger is standing here.

o S HP:Scratched MV:Winded >
Grimer bellows 'this is stupid'

o S HP:Scratched MV:Winded > You are using:
<wielded two-handed> a shocklance

o S HP:Scratched MV:Winded >
Grimer bellows 'we can damn well hand it to craven or eleanor'

o S HP:Scratched MV:Winded > shout Another shocklance destroyed for the Dark Lord

Murnych says 'craven will lose it in 3 mins'

o S HP:Scratched MV:Winded > You shout 'Another shocklance destroyed for the Dark Lord'

o S HP:Battered MV:Winded > The Pit of Dhoom
[ obvious exits: N D ]

o S HP:Battered MV:Winded > d
In the Pit of Doom
Heat sears every fiber of your being as great tongues of flame shoot from the
black-and red flecked lava as you plummet towards its writhing surface. The
ledge can be seen far above along with the wild, unearthly skies. Immersed
in the heart of the Bore even those who cannot touch the One Power can feel
the thinness of reality, the mocking evil that lies just beyond... Somewhere.
Nothing can survive here that is not protected by the will of the Great Lord
of the Dark.
[ obvious exits: ]
An oppressive presence announces the Great Lord of the Dark.
You are dead! Sorry...
You stop following Murnych.

[ This Mail was edited by: Dhran on 2007-02-04 16:25 ]

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