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The wheel of time


Welcome to the Wheel of Time name generator. How was this made?

About Wheel of Time Names

The late Robert Jordan used specific rules to make his names for the Wheel of Time series. For example, Aiel females tend to end with the vowels -a, -e or constructs like -in (more specifically, a, da, dare, de, dha, en, era, in, l, la, laine, lan, le, lea, lin, lla, lle, llin, m, n, nde, ndha, ndhe, ndhra, ndra, ne, ni, nna, r, ra, rd, reen, rian, rin, rlea, rra, ryn, s, sain, se, sise, ssin, uin, va), whereas Aiel males tend to end with consonants (c, d, din, l, lan, m, n, nai, r, rc, rn, ui). There are similar variations in the middle and the start of Aiel names.. and also variations in non-Aiel names.

To make the generator, I went through all known names of the books, broke them down into their constituent parts for each race and created a random algorithm to put them back together. The Wheel of Time Directory provided the sites to be able to obtain all the names from the books. The exception to this is dark names; there were insufficient names in the books to make a viable generator. For this, I drew largely on derivations of monsters in popular fantasy, the Chosen, and the Old Tongue, with a few easter eggs thrown in.

Please note: the generator is provided for assistance and ideas only; the generator is bound to generate some oddities here and there, so there is no guarantee that they'll be appropriate for the Wheel of Time MUD.

Free Wheel of Time Game

Wheel of Time GameWe hope that the Wheel of Time Name Generator is useful to you =). If you're a fan of the Wheel of Time books, have you thought about trying out our Wheel of Time game? More than 2.7 million characters have been created and it runs with the late Robert Jordan's personal permission. The fun and community there make it one of the "must-see" Wheel of Time websites on the net. Thank you for listening :)

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