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The Wheel of Time RPG The Wheel of Time RPG wotmud.org is most popular and longest-running free Wheel of Time RPG on the web, operating with Robert Jordan's personal permission. A vast multi user fantasy role playing saga that has been in progress and meticulously handcrafted since 1993, catch up to 250 players online simultaneously, with all the races, places and clans that you'd expect to see from the books. Hone your skills and role play your character as a heroic warrior, wield Angreal as an Aes Sedai with the One Power, sharpen your knife as a Trolloc or serve the Empress, with dreams of the Corenne. Enter a world with characters engulfed in an epic age of struggle where times are unsettled... and tensions run deep. Having run as a Wheel of Time themed RPG since 1993, our credibility is unmatched: To play the RPG, either click on Play: Browser (leading to a choice of 3 different web pages to play the RPG on) or click on Play: Telnet (which you may already have on your computer). Like any other online RPG going through a firewall, of course you need to give your computer 'permission' to access the RPG, in our case port 2222!
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